Stony Pockets lived in Cole Alley, which was off Meath Street, in the early 19th century. He was a lifelong friend of Zozimus and often accompanied the blind bard as he recited his poetry on the streets of Dublin. Stony got his nickname as he would carry stones in his pockets to balance him when he walked because, he said, his head “was flying away with him”. Historians believe Stony was probably suffering from what we would know today as vertigo. Despite this he was known to walk for miles from as far as Howth to the Tower of Hook, now known as Hook Lighthouse in Wexford.

Unfortunately, when Stony Pockets died (date unknown) he suffered the fate that his friend Zozimus was so terrified of, the ‘Sack Em Ups’ came for him. The first time they tried they were chased by the police and Stony’s body was recovered but sadly the ‘Sack Em Ups’ came back a second time and successfully stole his corpse.

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