Characters of the Liberties

By now you may have seen some of the quirky bright orange street art that’s been popping up around The Liberties in the last couple of weeks. And, we’re ready to confess – it was us! But why?

At Hyatt Centric we understand that the heart of Dublin City is its people. Their warmth, their stories, their eccentricities. It is the characters of Dublin City both past and present that make it such a vibrant and colourful place to live and visit.

As one of Dublin’s oldest neighbourhoods, The Liberties has been home to many of Dublin’s most famous and well-loved street characters over the years. By sharing some of our favourite Liberties characters with you, we hope to ensure that their stories are retold and remembered throughout the world for many more decades to come.


Bang Bang would jump on the back of buses and trams and instigate mock gunfights with passers-by by pointing his ‘gun’.

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Stony would carry stones in his pockets to balance him when he walked because, he said, his head “was flying away with him”.

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Jembo suffered with bad feet and so cut the toe caps out of his shoes and would walk around with his toes hanging out.

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A typical day’s attire could include four overcoats, seven waistcoats, two shirts, two undershirts and two pairs of socks!

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